About Us

Deelicious started in my kitchen in 2015 in Surrey and all of the jams are still produced today in my kitchen at home, although now a bigger kitchen, it is now in lovely Dorset so I am lucky to have gorgeous views whilst washing my pots!  I have been making the Classic Jam for years, giving it away to friends  for Christmas, taking it to BBQs and dinner parties and after lots of encouraging comments, the business was born.

Since then, I have had several sessions in the kitchen experimenting with flavours and decided my three favourites  are the Classic, Chipotle and Habanero.   Each batch is made by me,  at home,  no fancy machines or gadgets,   just a big pan , a wooden spoon,  lots of love and a helluva lot of stirring!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do xx


Great Taste 2017 -   Deelicious Chipotle Chilli Jam . We gained a 1 Star award at this prestigious event.  

Taste of the West 2019 - Deelicious Habanero Chilli Jam was awarded the Gold and we got Silver for Deelicious Classic Chilli Jam. 

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